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Oakland University

  1. 0 Anyone heard from Beamount? It's my second month of waiting and almost every day I am looking into my mailbox with a hope to see a letter from them.
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    I just had my interview there this past Wednesay, and they told me that they have more interviews next Wednesday, and then they will be sending letters out a week after that, so I figure we probably have 2-3 weeks yet.
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    I recieved a call yesterday from Oakland telling me I was accepted to the program. I think they are calling people first, then sending letters. Good Luck!
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    :hatparty: [SIZE="7"]CONGRADULATION!!!!!!![/:hatparty:
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    My friend just got a call the other day telling her she was accepted. MCLEAH, will you be attending OU or do you have interviews elswhere? What made you decide to apply to OU? I plan on applying next year, but I feel as though their website isn't that informative.....do they have open houses or anything like that?

    ~ melissa