Newman 2018

  1. Has anyone heard back from their interview for starting in 2018???
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  3. by   HeliKel
    I have.
  4. by   OkNurse17
    Hope it was good news!?!
  5. by   HeliKel
    Congrats! I'll be seeing you in August. I created a facebook group so we can all form study groups and such to get through these next two years. Search for the group Newman University nursing anesthesia class of 2020.
  7. by   RN2018OK
    I received an alternate spot. Unsure when I will hear anything back. How long did you have to accept or decline your position?
    A deposit has to be made by December 15th to save the spot. If students are still interviewing at other schools though it's possible they could drop their spot long after this however if accepted elsewhere. I have a coworker who was alternate listed at Baylor and they just called him last week. He starts this January and is freaking out trying to make arrangements.