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Minneapolis school of anesthesia

  1. 0 Anyone know about the interview process at this school? I have an interview scheduled in Dec. I am curious to find out if they ask clinical questions or just personal?
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    Hi Gooser,

    I interviewed at MSA in December, as well. How did your interview go? The waiting part is causing a bit of angst.
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    I am currently attending MSA as a freshman. Four months down 23 to go. If you have any questions you can pm if you like. Good luck to you all that are applying this year.
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    Thanks for responding, Sean. I did pm you, but I do not know exactly how that works as of yet. However, I'd love any information on that stats of those applicants accepted. I'm concerned about whether or not I'm competitive. The interviewers had great poker faces. Also, are you enjoying the program?

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    Moonshine, I sent you a PM
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    i agree it will be hard
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    Wes, you are not alone...I too have an interview coming up December. Anyone out there that can give us some insight????