Kaiser Fall 2013 - HOUSING?

  1. I was recently notified that I got an interview at KPSAN in mid-February. My family and I are thrilled since this was my top choice program. My wife and I want to start looking at housing options to get a sense for what we would be spending for that.

    I've read a thread from a while back where someone with the screenname mammothsna (I think) said something about a Kaiser graduate that rents out homes to Kaiser students at very reasonable rates. Does anyone have that info? I can't PM yet since I only recently registered for the site.

    If anyone has any other info about Kaiser housing, I'd love to know. I've done a cursory search online and been pretty shocked at how much rentals are in Pasadena. Yikes.

    I should probably mention that my wife and I have 4 kids. So the more space the better, but obviously our funds will be tight... Not sure what our options will be... Any help would be appreciated!
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  3. by   EyesOnPrize
    I may also be looking for housing. Let us know if you see anything. I have no kids but i have pets and a wife. Also, what are your stats?