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Issues for CRNA's (Political and otherwise)?

  1. 0 I'm preparing for an interview with Texas Wesleyan on Monday Dec 15th, and one of the questions someone suggested to be familiar with is: What are the current issues for CRNA's, political and otherwise?

    Anyone have any input on this?? I went to the AANA website and the studentdoctor website, and the only issue I can find is the rocky relationship between CRNA's and Anesthesiologists.

    Also, someone suggested that I read some articles out of the AANA Journal and be familiar enough with them to be able to talk intelligently about them. I looked up some of the articles, and have a couple that I could talk about, but I feel like I need something more interesting. Any help there would be much appreciated as well.

    I will be here just studying away, so if anyone has input, let me know! THANKS!!