Issues for CRNA's (Political and otherwise)?

  1. I'm preparing for an interview with Texas Wesleyan on Monday Dec 15th, and one of the questions someone suggested to be familiar with is: What are the current issues for CRNA's, political and otherwise?

    Anyone have any input on this?? I went to the AANA website and the studentdoctor website, and the only issue I can find is the rocky relationship between CRNA's and Anesthesiologists.

    Also, someone suggested that I read some articles out of the AANA Journal and be familiar enough with them to be able to talk intelligently about them. I looked up some of the articles, and have a couple that I could talk about, but I feel like I need something more interesting. Any help there would be much appreciated as well.

    I will be here just studying away, so if anyone has input, let me know! THANKS!!
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