How to answer questions on AANP/ANCC?!?!?!

  1. Well, this is frustrating! This is the second time I failed the AANP exam. I felt that I knew everything! But, the room was 80+ degrees and I suffered from test fatigue by question 93! I feel like my questions were 4-5 sentences long and there were more than one "good answer" to each question. A lot of the questions were on ear problems, the elderly, and children with various illnesses. Everything I studied from my first failed exam was NOT on this exam (of course).

    My question to you is....there a good book that explains how to answer these "tricky" questions? Such as the stem and the distracters for example. There are many books out there that list ways to pass exams by knowing how to answer the questions, but I want to know how to do it for the FNP EXAMS


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