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  1. 0 sooo...anyone going to drexel in philly starting jan 2011??
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    This does not pertain to being accepted into drexel 2011, but another question. I posted it in the pre crna form as well, but I figured maybe it would get noticed if i posted it here too.
    I was just wondering if students feel that with the option of drexel undergraduate nursing students having the option of early admission into the CRNA program that the acceptance of students outside of drexel is limited. I know they only accept about 20-24 students. If anyone knows anthing about how many students are accepted that are unaffiliated with drexel it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Quote from eaglezip17
    sooo...anyone going to drexel in philly starting jan 2011??
    I'm going to our lady of lourdes which is affiliated with drexel.

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