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Direct Accession USAGPAN FY2013

  1. 0 Hi, I know this topic has been covered serveral times in the past, especially in the direction of people applying to the program, but I am looking to start a conversation about the interim between acceptance, actual class starting and then some...

    Possible topics of discussion-general information on the structure of the new DNP program, tips on transition to Army for the civilian, BOLC info/tips (what to get before you go type of issues), etc...

    I am a civilian and have been accepted to NEU/USAGPAN fy2013 but am currently awaiting the Army Board to make the final decision for direct accession Novemeber 5 2012. I have been looking through the threads and have found some good info on applying but not much for those civilians who have been accepted and are trying to make the transition process that much more manageble.

    Any current Phase I students that were direct accession civilians on this site?

    Thanks for any responses.
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    I am currently in phase 1 of USAGPAN. Please pm me.
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    Thanks for posting... but at this time I am unable to send pm's as I haven't posted 15 times....I'm working on it and I will pm as soon as I can.

    Thanks again...
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    ohhhhh. i was surprised you hadn't responded. i'll try to PM you.
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    I too got into NEU and am awaiting word from the board. MTBerRN, have you heard anything? Sunshineonleith, when did you hear last year?

    - Bob
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    Hey vt, nope nothing yet. I have a feeling it will be a few weeks at the latest. I'm keeping my expectations low (we are waiting on Army paperwork and redtape), so if I hear later this week or early next week I'll be that much more surprised. Good luck with the board and hope to see you next year!
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    I am getting the same from my recruiter, the response will come anywhere from tomorrow to two weeks. The waiting is killing me.

    From what I have heard, if you get a slot, you can expect orders in the January time frame. Since BOLC and the USAGPAN program are both in San Antonio, you will most likely just PCS directly there late February/early March in order to accomplish you inprocessing prior to BOLC. After BOLC which ends late May, there is a one month orientation (god knows what that encompasses) then you go right into school.

    I will be PCSing from Germany so that just adds the the madness. I am currently working at LRMC and we have quite a few fairly new grads from the program who have been quite helpful.
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    I think the boards started on 11/1 last year and I heard back from my recruiter 11/15. I didn't call her every day or I might have heard sooner. The waiting was awful. Find a hobby or get all your Christmas shopping done early!
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    Also, about expecting orders in January...I wouldn't. Mine DID come in January, but I had classmates who literally got their orders a week before BOLC started.
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    Holy crap, it takes a LEAST a month to PCS out of Germany, hopefully they recognize this fact.
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    [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Hello, everyone!

    I've been lurking around here for the past 6 weeks or so, hoping to see more posts as it neared time for the board to conviene. Were any of you granted the required dual acceptance by Northeastern and the Army/LTHET? I have yet to see a post by anyone anywhere on this site stating that they've been fully accepted by both.

    I'm an Army Reservist who's been accepted by Northeastern Univ, but OML'd by the Army for LTHET. I don't know whether I'll be joining the USAGPAN class beginning Summer 2013, Summer 2014, or none at all. Either way, I'm hoping to gain some insight from the personal experiences of others as you continue the process and transition into the program.

    I'm hoping for the best for each of you and look forward to reading about your experiences as you continue on this journey!