Degree Path for the Pre-CRNA Student

  1. hello,

    i'm charting my degree path to becoming a crna. i'm going to earn my adn first. i'm not sure if i should then earn a rn-bsn or a rn-msn.

    initially i planned to earn a rn-bsn, work a few years in icu, then apply to the nurse anesthetist program of my dreams.

    but after reading a post about a rn-msn program being, a) less time consuming and b) less expensive, if you're awarded a bsn and msn, i'm honestly confused.

    i looked at two programs and they don't seem terribly difficult, i just don't want to go off on a convoluted path.

    all advice welcome.
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  3. by   pbilbrey
    I really do not think it matters. BSN is what is required to apply for CRNA. GPA is very important and the more years ICU experience the better. SICU, CVICU. you need experience with drips and swans and ofcourse vents. CAGB normally gets the PA/swan line out next day in SICU may keep them longer. NICU don't have many PA lines at least not at my hospital.
  4. by   loveanesthesia
    Some nurse anesthesia programs may allow you to transfer a few graduate credits into the nurse anesthesia program, and for others it won't matter if you have a BSN or MSN, they won't transfer any of the credits. If the MSN program costs more than the BSN program, and takes longer to complete, you may waste some money and time with the MSN program. It would depend on hour many graduate credit hours the nurse anesthesia program would allow you to transfer.
  5. by   Queen Tiye, CNA
    thanks for the input . . . i suppose i need to :

    1) compare credit hours and costs

    2) learn the programs' credit transfer policies.

    3) speek to programs' academic advisor.

    thank you for helping me get clear.