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crna shadowing in nyc

  1. 0 I have been trying to find information on this for quite some time with no success so here goes.
    Background: I have graduated about a year ago with my rn. Just finished my BSN and have been working ltc since the beginning of this year. I am doing all that I can in order to get into "hospital setting." But in the meanwhile, I have been trying to beef up my profile as a nurse. I have already completed my ACLS. I also want to get my CCRN but can't due to my lack of experience or so I have been told. I want to shadow a CRNA to make sure that my heart and my head are in the right place. I also wanted to find some research opportunities that I could participate in ( and maybe learn a thing or two. :spin I live in the NYC area. So if anyone has any info about these: HELP!!!
    ~thank you~