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  1. Hello all,

    Anyone know of CRNA programs that recognize L&D experience rather than the usual ICU pre-requisite?
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  4. by   EmeraldNYL
    No way, you need some kind of critical care experience. Some schools will take ER or PACU if you deal with critical patients, but in L&D you are not going to get experience with vents, pressors, and hemodynamic monitoring. When you start school, the instructors already assume that you know about these things and it's full steam ahead from there. Even if there was a school that took L&D experience, you would still be doing yourself a disservice when you start school because you would already be behind your classmates when it comes to these things.
  5. by   apaisRN
    I remember when I was researching schools, I found ONE (I think in the south) that required only "acute care experience." This was several years ago and probably even that school has gone to requiring ICU. Some, but not all, schools take NICU, which might be an easier transition for you.