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CRNA programs

  1. 0 I am an experienced L&D nurse. Does anyone know of any CRNA programs that dont require ICU but will recognize L&D?
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    Moved this one to the CRNA forum, so the experts here can help you out.
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    I'm pretty sure ICU/critical care experience is a universal requirement for CRNA school.
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    The following link will aid you in your quest.
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    L&D does not provide the skill set that admission committees look for in applicants. I did, however, go to school with people who only had ~1 of ICU experience following several years in L&D and did great.
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    We have an ex L&D nurse in our program, but she worked in the ICU for a couple of years prior to entering.

    The Air Force will accept high-risk OB, ER, PACU?, but they do not have a direct entry program like the Army has.