CRNA program-University of South Florida

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    I am currently a nursing student and I am considering going back to school as soon as I finsih my BSN to get my masters in nursing. I have considered becoming a CRNA. I found a program that sounds promising, but I wanted to get some peoples feedbacks. I have read on here in other postings that many CRNA programs require ICU or Critical Care Nursing experiences. Does the University of South Florida require that upon admission into their CRNA program? I have not been able to find it anywhere under their admission requirements. Thanks!

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    I believe that USF requires at least 2 years of ICU experience.
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    USF also requires that all of your sciences and chemistry classes are less than 10 years old. If any of your class grades were C's they also want you to retake these classes. I had a C in physiolosy... mind you it was a C on a 7 point scale and they strongly suggested than I retake that class good luck

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