Cinditions in New Orleans

  1. 0 I know Hurricane Katrina was a few years ago now, but the destruction and devestation was enormous.....

    How are current conditions in New Orleans? Is housing available at reasonable rates? Are there enough ORs running to support all the students? What is the job market like after school for CRNAs? Are any groups offerring contracts to students? If so, could you share details of how much in return for how long?

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    I'm not sure about CRNAs, but I know for new grad RNs the job market here is very tight. With Charity Hospital still closed, there is definitely just a lack of "hospital space." I was told by HR at Tulane Medical Center that they contract the Tulane and Lady of the Lake nursing students for two years after graduation. Maybe they do the same for CRNAs? I'd just call the medical centers directly (Tulane Medical Center, Ochsner Hospitals, LSU University Hospital) and ask about contracts, everyone's super nice about helping out with that sort of info.

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