Chem 1 & 2 really necessary for Organic Chem?

  1. I am starting to get my pre-reqs for admission to a CRNA program. One of the requirements is Organic Chem. I've had Chem 1 about 15 years ago. My original though was to retake Chem 1 (It has been 15 years since I took the class originally). Take Chem 2 and then Organic Chem.

    My question is: Do Chem 1 and Chem 2 really provide a building block for Organic Chem? I'd like to just take Organic Chem if possible and skip Chem 1 and Chem 2, thus saving a lot of time and money.

    What are your thoughts?
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  3. by   gluck
    Little to no background was needed for my organic class. If the programs don't require you to retake them, I wouldn't bother
  4. by   kdtexastech
    I was a chemistry minor when i worked on my biology degree. With that being said, I have taken Organic Chem I and I dont think it has much to do with Chem1/2. Organic chem has more to do with types of reactions and structures. Hope this helps.