Bloomsburg U interview

  1. Has anyone received information regarding when interviews will be conducted. The application deadline was Oct 1. Thanks for any replies.
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  3. by   bloomRN
    I applied very early to the program, and just received a packet in the mail a few days ago inviting me to interview. The interview date they assigned me is December 14. However, I have already accepted a position at another CRNA program. So, I emailed the director and politely declined the interview. SO, I know for a fact that they have started notifying people (my letter was dated Nov. 15), and it appears as though interviews begin mid December. Hope this helps, and good luck!
  4. by   37icurn
    I got a letter a few days ago. Unfortunalely, I did not get an interview, but I did get accepted elsewhere and already started taking my MSN classes. Thanks for replying, what program did you get accepted to. Good luck.
  5. by   bloomRN
    I was accepted to Thomas Jefferson University and to the University of Pennsylvania...decided to go to U-Penn. What program were you accepted to? Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS!!
  6. by   37icurn
    LaSalle University/ Frank J Tornetta, congrats to you as well