Bloomsburg U interview

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    Has anyone received information regarding when interviews will be conducted. The application deadline was Oct 1. Thanks for any replies.
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    I applied very early to the program, and just received a packet in the mail a few days ago inviting me to interview. The interview date they assigned me is December 14. However, I have already accepted a position at another CRNA program. So, I emailed the director and politely declined the interview. SO, I know for a fact that they have started notifying people (my letter was dated Nov. 15), and it appears as though interviews begin mid December. Hope this helps, and good luck!
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    I got a letter a few days ago. Unfortunalely, I did not get an interview, but I did get accepted elsewhere and already started taking my MSN classes. Thanks for replying, what program did you get accepted to. Good luck.
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    I was accepted to Thomas Jefferson University and to the University of Pennsylvania...decided to go to U-Penn. What program were you accepted to? Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS!!
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    LaSalle University/ Frank J Tornetta, congrats to you as well