BC or OLL anyone get in?

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    Anyone on here interview at BC or our lady of Lourdes hear back from either of these schools?
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    I got my acceptance email from BC today.
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    i got my email yesterday too! congrats!
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    Congratulations to you too!
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    Congrats to you both! I was accepted into the program too! I'm from out of town and not sure what my living situation is going to be. Any suggestions?
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    Congrats everyone, I will be joining you at BC in Jan as well! I am moving up from DC so if anyone knows good places to live or needs a roomie let me know
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    SenatorRN- I'm moving from Buffalo and would definitely be interested in having a roommate, I can't figure out how to send a private message, but my email is fjmatthews2887@gmail.com. Were you at the 9/16 interview?

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