Average students' age in CRNA school? Average students' age in CRNA school? | allnurses

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Average students' age in CRNA school?

  1. 0 Another question: When I am finally able to get my butt in gear and go to CRNA school, I will be about 40. I will be working a good 20 plus years I am guessing after that. So I think it is worth it. But I am wondering what the average ages are of CRNA students. How old were you when you finished your CRNA program? Just so I have an idea if I would be surrounded by people way younger than me or not. Thanks.
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    Average age is ~30 y/o. Age ranges are between 25-40's. I graduated when I was 28 y/o.
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    I'll be 44. There were many younger but a few older than me.
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    I am finishing up in May. I'm 40. I have known many people that have been older. You are going to get older no matter what. Why not get older and be a CRNA?