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    Ok, I just called. Interviews will be MAY 10 & 11TH!!!!!!!! OMG. Can one of you call to ask when they will finish making calls? She said they're currently scheduling. I can't focus on anything.

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    really???? when did you talk to them??
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    are you serious??!!!!! I will try to call now!
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    A few minutes ago. But I was nervous so I didnt ask when will they fiinish calls. I'm so nervous. If you call ask specifically when all calls will be made. You know it has to be soon if theinterviews are in a month. I believe they have to let you know a month in advance so I'm thinking any day now
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    I am soooo nervous !!!! I will try to call - I feel embarrass to ask so many questions - I talked to her last week of or regarding the expected time for interviews, she sounded very busy. AHHH! don't know what to expect
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    We can each take turns. LOL
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    I send an email - I know this is so stressful, but there is nothing we can do but wait
    I am praying for God's will and direction for my future - I will let you know as soon as she replies!
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    It is out of our hands... we must show patience and know if it is meant to be we will get the call
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    Very true. In God's hands
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    anyone heard anything>?

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