Anyone a CRNA or SRNA in Ohio?? Anyone a CRNA or SRNA in Ohio?? | allnurses

Anyone a CRNA or SRNA in Ohio??

  1. 0 I am interested in one day becoming a CRNA, but I would love to hear some advice from current and future CRNA's in Ohio, particularly in northeast Ohio.
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    Actually forgot to ask also if any of you prefer practicing on your own or under an anesthesiologist.
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    Probably gonna get tore up about 'under anesthesiologist'.
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    Very late response, my apologies. Maybe someone can use this info. I am an SRNA in NE Ohio. This area is saturated with AAs and CRNAs, especially newly graduated CRNAs. The pay is mediocre at best, and jobs are ridiculously hard to come by. Many, many new grads leave the area (and the state) for employment.

    The autonomy is worse. In some of the institutions, the MDAs dictate every piece of the anesthetic. The CRNAs are micro-managed and henpecked to a degree that many would find absolutely unacceptable. But because the area's economy is so depressed, this model is tolerated.