Any CRNA's out there? Any CRNA's out there? | allnurses

Any CRNA's out there?

  1. 0 I'm a nursing student and I aspire to become a CRNA. I am curious what the average salary is for a CRNA.
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    Your post has been moved to the Pre-CRNA Inquiry forum to elicit more replies from this specialty. Also check out the CRNA forum and the SRNA (student nurse anesthetist) forums for more information.
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    Go to and look at postings to get a feel. I know that overtime and call can give a huge bonus but other than that I'm clueless lol
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    I've looked at many sights that give salary information. Everyone says around $120k-$160k. I've heard of them making more though so I am curious to hear it from someone first hand.
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    If you go to the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist thread there is a topic that discusses this in great detail