Albany Medical College - CRNA

  1. Hey Forum,

    I am looking for Albany Medical SRNA's or CRNA's. I am not seeing a ton of current posts about this program.

    Can you tell me about the program? Pros/cons? What their typical candidate is? I read that they don't teach open hearts- only observation. Is that accurate?

    What was the interview like?
    Based on location, credentials, cost and reputation these program seems to be the perfect fit for me, but I cannot find a lot of details about in on the web. Not sure if that is a bad or good thing... Any details would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for feedback!
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  3. by   cindyk123
    I have been looking into more info about Albany's CRNA school also. I live about 2 hours away and would love more info on the same things as you and also class schedules and clinicals. I had thought about this programs years ago but kids and life got on the way. Hoping to apply in the next year.
  4. by   Jedi_fk
    I am also wanting information on what this program is like. They seem concerned about ability to do research projects each year? Are there any current Albany SRNA out there who can give basic feedback and pros/cons on this program?