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albany anyone?

  1. 0 just wondering if anyon got accepted to albany for august 2013. I just got accepted!!
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    bump!!!! albany anyone?
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    You were accepted for August 2013? Not 2012?
    I am seriously looking at albany and plan to apply spring 2012 for admission in 2013. I have a 3.3 undergrad GPA, took organic chem from UNE online (which albany recommended) and got an A. Retaking physiology per there recommendation and should get an A. I have 19 months med/surg exp, 19 months Pediatric ICU experience, and currently 14 months SICU/Level I trauma ICU experience. Have my Pediatric CCRN, planning to take Adult CCRN in May. GRE scores 610 math, 540 verbal, 4 essay. Just wondering if you really applied for 2013 and if any of my experience/scores/grades are comparable to yours? Any advise? Thanks