Winston-Salem State FNP 2017

  1. Hey, I know some of us may be waiting on decision letters from NP programs . Has anyone applied to WSSU program for a Fall 2017??? The wait begins
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  3. by   ticurn985
    I'm with you! I applied for 2017, waiting patiently I heard from someone currently getting ready to graduate from the program now that she got her letter mid may!
  4. by   ER_RN_BSN
    I have also applied and was advised notices should go out this week. Keep a check on your email.
  5. by   ticurn985
    I just checked online and decisions have been made!
  6. by   ER_RN_BSN
    Where did you check? I hope you received good news!!!
  7. by   ticurn985
    Yes I got in! And if you go to track application and login with the id they provided when you first applied you can check the status!
  8. by   ER_RN_BSN
    I did as well. Just waiting for more information.
  9. by   Linfocitot
    Hi all,

    I got in !! I am very excited!

    Do you know if they ask for uniform or specific scrubs?
  10. by   Suf2235
    For the people who were accepted into the program, what were your GRE scores? I am thinking about applying within the next two years.