What does it take to get into a FNP program?

  1. 0 I have head that FNP programs are becoming much more difficult to get accepted into due to the increase in applicants trying to finish before 2015. If you have been recently accepted (within the last year or so) into a FNP program would you mind sharing your GPA, GRE, years of experience, volunteer work, organizations, etc you had and how many schools you applied to and how many acceptance/denials you got? I would like to see where I stand and maybe try to make my application look better.

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    I did not do Gre. 3.3 ADN, 3.7 BSN. Live in rural area. Worked home health 2yrs and med surg past 10 months. Volunteered with non profit org for 5-6 yrs (2diff orgs). Killer essay.

    Applied to only 1, got accepted but it's a 2yr prog

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