1. Hey everyone, posted this in the NP forum before I saw this forum existed (whoops):

    Anyone here been accepted into the UTEP FNP program? I've applied for Spring 2013, and was just curious if they had an interview, and how soon after applying were you notified of acceptance?

    Their website says review/interviews in Sept/Oct for Spring and Feb/March for Fall, with acceptance notifications in November/April respectively. However, a friend doing the Pediatric NP told me they don't do interviews for the FNP program. He also had his interview in September and was notified at the end of the interview that he was in, so obviously there's some deviation from what's posted.

    Anyone out there that can enlighten me on their FNP admission experience with UTEP? Thank you.
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  3. by   siaknikikoRN
    Have you heard anything from UTEP yet?