University of Oklahoma HSC NP Program

  1. I've applied to OUHSC FNP program for summer 2014. I haven't been able to find any threads from applicants. Has anyone else applied to the University of Oklahoma NP program? Or is anyone currently in the program?
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  3. by   sooner_RN71
    I also applied to the program for this summer. Have you heard anything on admission decisions yet?
  4. by   muff81
    Not yet. I did call about a week ago and was told it should be sometime this week. It seems like it's taking forever.
  5. by   muff81
    Do you know anyone that's currently in or graduated from the program?
  6. by   sooner_RN71
    That's good to hear! I do remember seeing something about us hearing by 4/15, but I was hopeful it would be sooner.
  7. by   sooner_RN71
    I do know a couple people that have been through or are going through the NP program. I am a graduate of their BSN program, so I know a little bit about the College. Flexibility is key.
  8. by   aharris30
    I got an email today....I'm In!!! I received admission into the part time program.
  9. by   muff81
    Congrats!!!!! I applied for the full-time program but was rejected. Really upset but everything happens for a reason.
  10. by   aharris30
    Sorry to hear that. I also applied to university of south alabama. I just knew i would not get accepted to OU. I was really upset when i didnt get into the alabama program so i just threw the thoughts of OU out of my head. I was completely in shock when i got their email. My gpa is not the best from my previous degree but my last 60 hours was really good.Just keep trucking, i firmly agree things happen for a reason. Best of luck.
  11. by   Mollysdream
    I blew my interview with OU and I believe my essay was weak. I only had a week to apply. I didn't realize they offered a part time program until a week before the deadline. I got a letter for their alternate list
  12. by   happyheatherp
    I was accepted for their PT FNP as well, Tulsa campus!!!
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  13. by   Mollysdream
    I wasn't accepted. I'm on their waiting list.
  14. by   sooner_RN71
    I was accepted to their FT FNP program in OKC! Congrats to those who were accepted!! To those who did not, keep pushing... You'll get there!