UMSL NP Program- Anyone applied?

  1. I'm looking for NP programs to apply to for Fall 2014 after I graduate in May 2014.
    Has anyone applied for the UMSL NP program?
    -I just applied to the graduate school but I'm not sure if that puts in an application for the NP program. From what I understand a second application is needed but a temporary username is required and I have not been provided one.
    -Has anyone run into this situation?

    -Also, any other NP program suggestions (preferably online) are welcomed.
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  3. by   Rosie314

    I'm looking to apply to UMSL NP program for their Fall 2014 term.

    I've emailed the graduate admissions office to get more details and the nursing department at UMSL as well.

    The deadline isn't till Feb 15th - but I would like to speak with someone soon because my GPA does not meet the requirements but I'm going to remain hopeful and still apply - nothing beats a failure but a try so I'm to to try and pray and see what happens.
  4. by   debbiegr
    Would love to hear how the program is -- I'm applying for 2015!
  5. by   debbiegr
    I would love to hear if you are at UMSL and how it is. I'm thinking to apply for 2015