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    Anyone out there starting the FNP program this Fall 2013 at the Chicago campus? I got accepted and plan on working full-time and doing school part-time. Am I in over my head?
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    Hi, and congrats! I will be at the Urbana campus starting Fall 2013 and was wondering about this, too. However, I'm hoping to work part-time and go to school full-time. Hope we find the answer here!
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    My good friend is going to Urbana as well! He wanted to get it done in 2 years but they admitted him on the 3 year plan. I asked for the 4 year plan so I can maintain an income while in school. Have you heard much about how hard the program is? I know someone that just finished her first year of PNP and she's doing school and work both part-time. Said its manageable!

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