UAB AMNP Program

  1. 0 Is anyone on this site currently in the AMNP program or have gone through the program? I have some questions about the format that I cannot get clear answers from the program directors. I really wanted a students perspective. I am currently working on my prerequisites.
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    Hi, I am currently finishing up Phase I of the AMNP program. Feel free to ask any questions you have here or email me at Thanks!
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    Thank you so much for replying. I wanted to know what days classes were scheduled and how does the clinical rotation work? Were classes always on the same days each semester? How demanding has phase I been? Has there been a lot of people drop out of the program? Are you able to choose what days and hours you take clinicals? How would you rate the program? Are the instructors helpful and informative? I know I may be asking a lot of questions and I really appreciate you providing me answers. If you do not mind, as I think of more questions, I would like to keep asking you about it. Again thank you so much for your time and answers.

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