Students of Georgetown NP and or UF NP online ...

  1. 0 I have been interested in applying to an online NP program but I have questions about the clinical portion. I have different nursing friends that do online programs and have had two different experiences. One friend goes to U of S Alabama and has to set up all of her clinical portion herself and has spent an overwhelming amount of time. My other fiend goes to a school who sets up their preceptors and clinical for them so it takes that stress out.

    What does either of these schools do from experience?

    Also - How does anyone plan on paying for Georgetown school? Is there funding available. I do not qualify for financial aide.

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    Georgetown will set up the instructors for you, or if there is an NP who you would like to precept with they will work with you. Take this bit of information with a grain of salt though, it's based on my experience as a first semester student (clinicals don't start until next year) and a good friend's experience as a student one year ahead of me. As for paying for it... GI Bill and workplace education assistance. Still doesn't cover the full cost, but makes the overall pricetag much more manageable.

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