Starting NP Program This Semester, Any Advice for Supplies?

  1. I know I saw a thread on this somewhere on here, but of course, the one day I want to read it I can't find it. Any one have any supplies, resources, etc that they can recommend to someone getting ready to start an FNP program?
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  3. by   ChristineN
    Surely someone has some advice out there??
  4. by   buster4
    MM.. I will try, I jsut graduated in May, one thing I wish I had during school to study, is the review CD's. I think that would have helped me so much, but I didn't.......... don't try to buy every book on the list, I spent a lot of money on books, we didn't even touch.............. Iphone or I touch with Epocrates....... lots of large binders............. thats all i can think of right now!1
  5. by   DJFNP2014
    I started my NP program this summer here is some advice:
    1. Work Part time or per diem if you can afford it in this economy
    2. Set aside time to study and stay ahead with your assignments