1. 0 Does anyone know who does the RN-MSN/FNP all on line?
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    RN to MSN Degree Programs by State here is pretty comprehensive list of RN to MSN...you will have to check the individual schools as far as if they offer FNP or not though =) I think off the top my head South University * i think* , Frontier, MCPHS University Online, and University of South Alabama. I had looked to do that when I finished my ASN, however, was worried if life got in the way and I had to step away from school I'd still just be a ASN with credits instead of BSN. good luck to you!
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    Drexel University, but they do have some classes where you have to go to school for like a week.
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    Drexel actually has 5 different campus visits, so if you don't live close you will need to plan accordingly. One or two of them is 3 days, the others are 1 day on campus.

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