RN Experience in Public Health before NP school

  1. I will be finished my BN degree this December. My end goal is to become a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, and I live in Canada where all NP schools require 2+ years of full time employment as an RN. During my clinical experience I didn't love any of the medical units and I hated the surgical units, so I am planning to do my final practicum in public health and hopefully build my career in this area. Am I going to have enough experience as an RN in public health to start NP school in two years? Or should I tough it out on a medical unit? Ideally I would like to work in a primary care centre or in a physician's office, but I may not have that option in the near future! Is there another area I should look into working? People have told me to work in the ER, but that is an area I'm really not interested in! Thoughts?