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    I have worked in long term care/geripsych for over ten years and love it I was thinking about becoming a Psych NP, but have been wondering about which path to travel. It seems like so much money to me and a BSN seems like an extra step/extra money. Would getting a Bachelor in psych and then getting into a NP program be an option or a RN-MSN be a better option. I just feel like a BSN in nursing is a lot of fluff for the money. I am not saying it's wasted education by any means, but what about a bachelors in something different?

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    I believe most MSN programs want you to have a BSN, however, some programs have alternate pathways for people with bachelors degrees in other fields who are already RNs (and DE programs for those who aren't RNs)... you'd probably need to contact the individual MSN programs you're interested in, and see what they want. I think a bachelors degree in psych would be very helpful for an aspiring PMHNP; that's my background and it's been an asset so far.
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    You can do an RN-Psych NP bridge program at Drexel University or Saint Louis University. Good luck!

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