Question about frontier NP recommendations

  1. I'm Thinking about applying to Frontier's FNP program and was looking on the admission web page to get some info. They recommend/suggest getting recommendations from NPs but I was going to get my recommendations from a co-worker and two managers - none of whom are NPs. Is is ok? Or do they really want NP recommendations? Thx!
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  3. by   DanaNP
    Not sure about Frontier, but I'm often asked to write recommendations for those applying to NP programs. I suggest you shadow an NP for a day or week to see what the job is like. At that point, have the NP write a recommendation for you. Of course, it won't highlight your clinical skills, nor is it someone you've had a long term professional relationship with, but it will show your interest in the job and your willingness to learn more about the position. Your other references should be from colleagues, supervisors, or educators.