Psych NPs - what school did you attend?

  1. Why does it seem like there are so few Psych NP programs? Here in Florida, I could only find one at FAU and it is a post-graduate certificate. Since I cannot move due to family issues, I will have to do an on-line program (I would rather do brick 'n mortar, but alas, moving is not an option) and I am so lost trying to find one. When I google it a few come up - North Dakota, East KY, South Carolina - but how can I find what the best programs are?

    Has anyone done the Walden Psych NP program?

    Did you love your program? Tell me about it.

    I appreciate any feedback, thank you.
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  3. by   kbell_florida
    I believe University of Fl (campuses in Gainesville and Jacksonville) has a psych np program