Please help :( Psych NP program or MSN + Post-Master's Certificate?

  1. 0 Honestly, I flunked out of a psych NP program. I was having personal problems at the time, going through a divorce, husband heated, etc. had two times to take Patho and get a B. I withdrew one time and the second time I got a C. I applied for the psych NP online program at Drexel and was denied. I'm not sure what to do from here. Should I attempt to apply to other psych NP programs or should I get anMSN then try for a post-master's certificate? Please help or point me in the direction of anyone that can help.

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    Why don't you try applying in several other programs. I don't believe in quitting. Keep trying if after SEVERAL tries you don't get into another Psych NP program then you can try another MSN discipline. Also remember each University has its own prerequisites so even though you are not getting in at Drexel it does NOT mean you will not get in anywhere else.
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    Thanks, I appreciate your advice and encouragement. It really helps.
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    If psych is what you really want to do, then try applying to other PMHNP programs. Don't GIVE up!!!!!!!!

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