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PHMNP programs going to DNP!?

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    FIU's PMHNP program recently came off moratorium for their PMHNP program--however, they apparently are changing from a master's degree program in 2013 to a BSN-DNP program in 2014! Is this the "norm" for other PMHNP programs? I have my heart set on becoming a psych NP (I'm about to graduate from ADN school) but the thought of additional expense and schooling to get a doctorate for this is a little disheartening. Anyone have any input on if this is the norm across the board for things to come?
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    My local state university is doing the same - no more MSN prepared NPs anymore. DNP is the only option. Honestly, this is making me consider medschool, but we'll see what the final costs are.
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    here's still plenty of PMHNP MSN programs out there. I am applying to 5 in the fall but found around 9 -- there are more choices if you already have your RN as I'm only looking at direct entry