Pennsylvania State University- FNP program

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    Has anybody gone through PSU's FNP program? I have been accepted into their program in one of the branch campuses and was wondering about the experiences other students have had? What is the quality of instruction on campus? How is the online component? Where did you do clinical rotations and did they help with finding a rotations site?

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    Did you get any answers to your question? I was wondering about clinical sites as well.
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    Im in the process of applying to PSU. I was wondering if you started the program? How do you like it? What days do you attend class and campus? How's the course load?
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    I'm in the adult acute program at PSU and so far all is going well. The program is a blend of classroom and on line classes. When you have to be on campus, the school does a good job of offering the classes on the same day. It makes for a long day but I only have request off one day a week for now. The school has a list of facilities and practices that PSU has a contract with for their students. You can also pursue other facilities and PSU will draw up a contract with them. Good luck and hope you get accepted!
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    Is anyone else part of the PSU program? I am really interested in their FNP but I want to know the quality of the education given.
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    Would anyone who has been accepted give the details of there application? The reason I ask, I got a C on Chem and physiology back in 2000.
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    Any updates from anyone who applied to PSU?

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