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Passed AANP for FNP. Tips from my personal experience - page 4

This is just from my personal experience. Materials: 1. Both APEA and Fitzgerald disks (a classmate and I exchange them when we were done with the disks). Fitz-Excellent medication review for... Read More

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    you user name now needs to read TinabeanNP
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    IKR! Totally should try to change my name! BIG SIGH. I can not even believe it. My heart was pounding through my chest as I waited on those results, probably went into Afib/aflutter LOL. I am so elated it is not even funny!!!!! My tips for passing this test would be to know your antibiotics inside and out, lots of peds questions, xanthums, muskuloskelatal system...basically every thing that Leik says will be on the test is on there. Literally everything she said that is always on the test was on there. That book helped me on so many questions. That was the most helpful. Fitzgerald helps with the antibiotics and GI/GU questions. Praise GOD its finally over! Now I can go through the whole waiting on my number to pop up thing you guys have been going through.
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    Tina, many many congratulations
    I am so happy for you !!

    Party time now hehehe !!

    God, I can't wait to be done.
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    Congrats!!!!!!! I knew you could do it!!
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    Thanks Mercedes. You gave me the confidence I needed to just go on and do it! So happy its over. It reminded me a lot of the Hesi
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    I'm just glad it's over for all of us....
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    Quote from LHendon
    I PASSED the AANP exam today!! I am ELATED!!!
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    Congratulations illcleff!!! Feels Amazing doesnt it?? You go from studying non-stop to being able to close the book for a while!!!
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    Now I am waiting on my number to pop up, its been almost 3 What the heck?
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    BIG congratulation to you Tinabeanrn and MERCEDES674 : )

    Its truly inspirational, I look forward to being where you are in a couple of years. You guys pray for me now : )
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    Hello all! I have been reading your posts and they have encouraged me. I am currently studying for my FNP boards. I am taking AANP. I have horrible test-taking anxiety (mainly due to the fact that I took NCLEX twice ) I have been to a Fitzgerald review and am doing her question/content book. I need some practice tests and computer questions that are close to what is on the AANP exam. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!
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    Which "Fitzgerald Review Book" do you mean? She has several. I have her CDs and the workbook that came with that She is lecturing from it. She also has on her website another format with additional material that I will do when I finish going over the workbook with the CDs. I have listened to them once but did not use the workbook, This time I'm doing them like it is class with the workbook with time to review after each CD. I also have her 3rd edition review book with questions and rationale for each done in short text form. Is there another review book that goes over systems that would be helpful. I take the exam in early October. Thanks and congrats to LHendon.
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    I just took the AANP exam on April 9th. Failed it !!! The Test was strange.
    So in Total disbelief. I took the FItzgerald review, Read the Leik books, And the fitzgerald book and did the question bank from APEA.
    OK took 3 predictor tests and passed them all. So What happened is really strange. I did
    I had no questions on Growth and Development, Immunizations, Antibiotics. There was a heavy concentration on Musculoskeletal system. There was an X-Ray.
    I am shocked !!!
    What should more should I be doing ?

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