Passed AANP exam today!!!

  1. I am so happy to say that I passed the AANP certifying exam today!! I did the Fitzgerald 3 day review, used the liek practice questions and did almost 3000 practice questions online through AANP-FNP and Board Vitals. I felt prepared walking into the test, but still had lots of questions with things I had never seen before. I had lots of geriatric and pediatric patient scenarios, and only a handful of pharmacology questions that asked what treatment for specific conditions. I also had some "which is more cost effective" questions. I can't believe I'm done and don't know what to do with myself now that I don't have to study ������
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  3. by   DLO, BSN, RN
    Congratulations! You should be so very proud of your accomplishment!
  4. by   Lipoma
    Congrats! You don't have to study?

    I thought PAs and NPs are supposed to be lifelong learners :P

    Just messing, go eat the greasiest most unhealthiest food you can think of as a treat for this accomplishment.
  5. by   AGNP
    congrats! Go enjoy some summer sunshine!