NP working 3-12 hour shifts?

  1. Like many RNs out there, I really like working just 3 days a week. I am applying to an ACNP program because I'd like to work in the hospital setting. How many NPs out there work 3-12 hour shifts? Days? Nights?
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  3. by   iloveuab
    The NPs I work with work 24 hrs shifts. So full time is 2 shifts. I really just think it depends on where you work.
  4. by   LetsChill
    What area do you work? ICU?
  5. by   iloveuab
    I work in a level 3 nicu. And I precepted in a cardiac icu and I'm pretty sure they did 24 hrs as well. But they aren't bad bc as long as the nights are kinda chill, they do get to sleep.
  6. by   kayceeACNP
    I work roughly 4 days a week but sometimes 3 (it depends on if I am on days or nights for the week) My day shifts are 10 hour days and my night shifts are 12 hrs. Its easier for me to say in the month of July I will be working 15/31 days. Just for reference I work in a Neuro ICU. Hope this helps!