Networking - Anyone in CO / Fort Collins area?

  1. I'd love to move out to Colorado (Fort Collins / Loveland area) sometime after I graduate next year, and am wondering what the climate is like out there for FNPs. Would I have better luck if I was closer to Denver? Is competition fierce? I see a few jobs that say 'no new grads' but most don't specify, or suggest nursing experience, not NP experience. I'm just genuinely curious with networking and getting some feedback about licensing, the process, your practice act, etc. I can read all about it online, I realize, but there's something about talking to someone who's experiencing it that appeals to me more. Thanks!
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  3. by   jdanruck
    I am currently an rn and just got accepted into a Dnp program, but I know for Denver, co the pay is not that great. People call it the "mountain tax" I could've gotten paid more staying in Birmingham, al than moving here. But the move, for me, was completely worth it ... 300 days of sun, skiing constantly on the weekends during the winter and being 30 minutes away from some beautiful mountains makes just going out to eat a new experience! Sorry I am not much help on the NP side of things, but I would definitely research it first.