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Need FNP Preceptor in Chicago Area

  1. 0 Help! I am searching for a preceptor in the Chicago area. I am in the Walden University FNP program and can not seem to locate a preceptor. I do not currently work in a hospital setting so my contacts are limited. Any suggestions?
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    I am also in Walden's FNP Program and I am looking for a preceptor in Goergia for the fall (September). This preceptor search seems to be a huge issue in NP programs. I have found great contacts for preceptors on the eNP website. Good luck
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    In IL, contact the IL Society of Advanced Practice Nurses
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    Just curious if any found preceptors and you for your clinicals and if you could provide me with their contact information. I am need of some preceptors for the summer and fall semesters of 2014. Thanx.