Insurance for RN going into 1st yr of grad school?

  1. Hey nurses,

    I have a question about insurance that I'm really confused about. My nursing liability insurance expires soon at the end of august and i'm not quite sure what type of insurance I should get now. I've been an RN for two years and I'm starting my grad program at the end of Aug. My question is: should I get the RN insurance or the NP student insurance? The NP student insurance is twice the amount as the RN insurance but I'm not sure I will need it because I wont take clinicals for another 2 years. I will be doing classes for 2 years first then the 3rd year is clinicals. If anyone could help me in this matter, it would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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  3. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    Your graduate program will provide your student insurance. You don't need to supplement it.