I applied for BSN to DNP program today

  1. 0 I am currently enrolled in an MSN program but just applied to switch to a BSN to DNP program. It took a while to get everything filled out and reference forms sent out. Now the waiting game begins to see if I am accepted. It will only take 1 more year to achieve the DNP if accepted so I am hoping that it works out
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    what is DNP
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    Doctor of Nursing Pratice
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    Congrats for applying and hope you get in. I've been thinking about BSN-DNP as well as MSN programs. I'm almost done with my ABSN program and most of my friends in the program have looked at 2 BSN-DNP programs around our area. If you don't mind, which program did you apply to? Also, how many years after we graduate do you think is "enough" before applying to these programs?

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