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Help with Finding a Preceptor in Pinellas County FL

  1. 0 ]Hello, I'm a FNP student through Ball State University. I am in great need of finding a preceptor in my area for my adult course. I am hoping someone that reads this may be interested or know other Nurse Practitioners (adult or family) or Physicians that precept in my area (Tampa Bay, Fl) for my adult course this upcoming Spring semester (Jan 15-May 4th, 2013). Finding a preceptor in my area has been by far one of the most difficult tasks yet; I have had to take a couple semesters off either because no one was available for a particular semester or I was unable to find someone in time . This particular course requires 240 clinical hours over a 3+ month period (~20hrs/week). The paperwork required is a preceptor information sheet and an agency contract agreement, which must be received by BSU a month before the semester begins; however, the sooner the better! If any one is interested or knows someone who precepts please let me know!
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    I know this is an old post, were u successful with finding a preceptor. I am in the tampa area and having a difficult time finding preceptors. Any suggestions?