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Help! Geriatric NP?

  1. 0 I am interested in Adult Medicine...specifically Geriatrics. I would LOVE to be a Geriatric NP. If eventually my goal is to settle into nursing education, would I be better off going for a DNP? Can you teach with a masters level NP?
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    I think the Adult and Gero NP are going to be merged. So if you take it, pass and get certified, you will be credentialed as Adult/Gero NP.

    I believe you can teach if you are a NP, but I am not totally sure about that. I know one of our OB instructors in a Neonatal NP and she is a clinical instructor. I would inquire more about this.
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    Normally at a university, you have to either have a doctorate or be in the process of getting it in order to teach didactics. You can be a clinical instructor with an MSN though.